Champions of the Realm

Server: Eonar Side: Alliance
Last Updated: 2:25 PM 12/4/2010
 Champions of the Realm Server: Eonar Side: Alliance 

A warm welcome to you here at Champions of the Realm website. Most of the information contained here relates to World of Warcraft activities on the Eonar Server. We will gradually expand the scope of information and links available on this site, as new initiatives to share our World of Warcraft knowledge is more widely developed. Please feel free to use for information, fun, and entertainment.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions for improvements from our members.
-Send me (Tezzra) a feedback or a private message on the forum-
All new members to the guild be sure to contact Tezzra or Toria for instructions on how to register on the forum using your CotR character name.

New Adventures looking to apply for our guild please surf your way over to the Guild App page following the Application Procedure.

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